Atlantic Flight Centre - A Professional Fixed Based Operation at CYSJ - UNICOM: 123.3
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In case of emergency

In case of emergency

Shut off the flow of fuel by pushing in the emergency stop button located on the left of the fueling equipment. This will shut off all power to the pumps.


For fire emergency

Several fire extinguishers are located outside in case of fires. One beside the avgas cabinet and another beside the jet fuel cabinet.

For spill emergency

For spill emergency

Spill kits are located in the yellow bin behind the avgas cabinet and stairs. Contains everything needed in order to contain a spill.


Item locations

Located on the AFC ramp directly in front of the FBO

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Aviation Clubs & Services

Whether you are looking to begin a career as a pilot or simply would love to fly recreationally, the Atlantic Flight Centre is the place to be! The Saint John Flying Club offers licensed pilots have the opportunity to rent our highly maintained Cessna 172.  For those looking to learn how to fly a helicopter look no further - Advanced Heli-Flight offers private one-on-one training in a Robinson 44.

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Saint John Airport Authority

The Saint John Airport (CYSJ) serves Greater Saint John and southwestern New Brunswick with daily direct flights to Toronto, Montreal and Halifax and connecting flights to Ottawa. The Saint John Airport is about a 20-minute drive from the city centre, just 26-KM, on Loch Lomond Road, Route 111 East.

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Discover Saint John

Do you need to have your aircraft serviced?  Why not incorporate a service call and a enjoy what the Bay of Fundy region has to offer!

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