Atlantic Flight Centre - A Professional Fixed Based Operation at CYSJ - UNICOM: 123.3

Flight Training

Whether you are looking to begin a career as a pilot or simply would love to fly recreationally, the Atlantic Flight Centre is the place to be! The Saint John Flying Club offers licensed pilots have the opportunity to rent our highly maintained Cessna 172. 

For those looking to learn how to fly a helicopter look no further - Advanced Heli-Flight offers private one-on-one training in a Robinson 44.

Fixed Wing - Saint John Flying Club

The Saint John Flying Club is a certified Flight Training Operation that owns and operates a 1998 Cessna 172. 


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Helicopter - Advanced Heli-Flight

Advanced Heli-Flight is a certified Flight Training Operation that provides one-on-one training on a Robinson R44.  The Chief Flight Instructor, Robert Thorne, is a local commercial pilot with extensive commercial and flight training experience. 


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Books, Charts, Logbooks & Pilot Supplies

The Atlantic Flight Centre has a large number of publications, charts, logbooks and pilot supplies available for purchase.  If there are any pilot supplies that you need – just give us a call, we will be happy to order it for you – it only takes a couple of days to receive shipment!

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