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Saint John Aviation History, Clubs & Associations

Are you looking to rent a plane?  Are you into flight simulation?  Do you like playing with remote control airplanes?  Do you enjoy discussing aviation history?   Saint John has plenty of clubs and associations for local and visiting aviation enthusiasts to be a part of.

Saint John Flying Club

As a member of the Saint John Flying Club, licensed pilots have the opportunity to rent our highly maintained Cessna 172 with a complete range of instrumentation including GPS. We are welcoming any new flying members. Information on plane rental and membership may be found on our website. All new flying members must take a check ride prior to the first solo rental. Please email us for information or visit the AFC.

Canadian Aviation Historical Society of Canada – New Brunswick Chapter


Did you know?

  • 1840    Canada’s first aircraft flight, the balloon “Star of the East”, 1840
  • 1875    Canada’s first helicopter design, by James Fraser, 1875
  • 1902    Canada’s first wind tunnel, by Wallace R. Turnbull, 1902
  • 1908    New Brunswick’s first air plane design, by James Fraser, 1908
  • 1912    New Brunswick’s first air plane flight, Cecil Peoli, 1912
  • 1927    World’s first - W. R. Turnbull’s electric variable pitch propeller, 1927
  • 1930    Canada’s first female commercial pilot, Daphne Patterson, 1930
  • 1929    First Canadian pilot to fly in the Antarctic, S.A. Cheesman, 1929-30
  • 1932    First East-West Atlantic crossing, James Mollison, Pennfield/Saint John, 1932
  • 1947    CAE Inc., Montreal, founded by Saint John pilot Ken Patrick, 1947
  • 1950    First to break the sound barrier: Al Lilly, who trained at Millidgeville, 1950
  • 2000    First French balloonists to cross the Atlantic started from Saint John, 2000
  • 2010    New Brunswick’s first aviation designated historic site, Millidgeville, 2010

Aviation is as alive and thriving today as it was in our past.  There are many individuals, companies and organizations that are extremely passionate about aviation.

Saint John Aviation Associations

  • Turnball Chapter Canadian Aviation Historical Society*
    Hosts of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society 2012 Conference
  • Aviation Historical Society of New Brunswick

Saint John & Area Military and Search & Rescue Operations

  • Casara – Canadian Air Search & Rescue Association
  • Canadian Coast Guard – Saint John
  • 161 Air Cadets
  • 527 Air Cadets
  • 403 Squadron – Gagetown
  • 250 Wing AFAC

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