Atlantic Flight Centre

Fixed Base Operation

As a full-service professional FBO, it is our pleasure to make your trip to Saint John as easy as possible. Our fully equipped executive pilot and passenger lounge is spacious with all the comforts of home. 

Hungry? Within walking distance, there are two restaurants serving hot and cold meals that you can eat in or take out. Or, if you are staying in Saint John for an overnight or for a week, our staff will be happy to recommend some exciting local attractions and activities to enjoy during your stay in Saint John.

FBO Amenities & Services

  • Executive pilot and passenger lounge with Netflix
  • Flight planning room, Wifi, computer, printer and fax machine
  • Complimentary hot beverages
  • Catering Available
  • Concierge Services Available


  • 24 / 7 Self-service avgas 
    QUALITY TESTED DAILY 10,000 litres above ground tank Self-Serve Instructions
  • Jet A Truck (18,000 litres)

Payment for fuel accepted

Visa ®
Mastercard ®


AEG Fuels*
World Fuels*

Fuel release document required from re-seller/distributor.