Self Serve 100LL

Self Serve 100LL

We now have Self Serve 100LL – We have detailed instructions on how to fill your Aircraft. If you have any questions please contact us.

Emergency Contact Numbers

CYSJ Fire Hall
(506) 638-5577

CYSJ Flight Services
(506) 646-7225

(506) 638-5557

AFC After Hours
(506) 650-8402

Item Locations


Located on the AFC ramp directly in front of the FBO.

In case of emergency

Shut off the flow of fuel by pushing in the emergency stop button located on the left of the fueling equipment. This will shut off all power to the pumps.


Several fire extinguishers are located outside in case of fires. One beside the avgas cabinet and another beside the jet fuel cabinet.


Spill kits are located in the yellow bin behind the avgas cabinet and stairs. Contains everything needed in order to contain a spill.

Fuelling your aircraft

Step 1

Ground aircraft (any exposed metal surface on the aircraft. Example: exhaust, tie-down areas, landing gear, etc..)

Step 2

Reel hose out to your airplane.Make sure the hose reel manual clutch is disengaged by pushing the lever in (direction of the arrow). Hose will not reel out if clutch is engaged.

Step 3

Insert credit card in machine, enter maximum amount up to $1000.

Step 4

Put meter switch into the ‘’RUN’’ position and make sure meter resets to 0000 (meter resets when the numbers go from 9999 to 0000). If meter does not reset, put switch to ‘’PRINT’’, wait 5 seconds and back up to ‘’RUN’’.

Step 5

Once reset, push pump switch to ‘’ON’’ (pump will engage). The pump will not engage until your credit card has been approved.

Step 6

Reel hose out and start fueling until desired amount is obtained.

After fuelling

Step 1

Once finished fueling, push pump switch off (pump will stop).

Step 2

Put meter switch to ‘’PRINT’’.

Step 3

Engage manual hose clutch (move it in the direction of the arrow) .

Step 4

Reel hose back in by pushing and holding the hose reel switch while guiding the hose. (reel it in similar to image above!).

Step 5

Disengage manual clutch (direction of the arrow).

Step 6

Unground aircraft (reel back in by turning the reel by hand with the black handle on the right side).

Step 7

Insert credit card back in machine for receipt.

Step 8

Close cabinet door and have a nice day. .
Thank you and come again.
AFC Saint John